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How much better can you grow your business if you had more time for analysis to uncover deeper actionable insights?

Misty Field

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

            ― W. Edwards Deming

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 "We found ourselves in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and would not have made it without the help of Louie of Strategic Management.

He was a crucial partner in our turn around."

— Brad Reese, President  |  Cirtech

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Luis R. Santos


  • 30 Years Banking & Finance

  • 25 Years Small Business Management Consulting

    • Banking​

    • Construction

    • Digital Products

    • Manufacturing

    • Trucking & Logistics

    • Software

Gerald E. Morrow


  • 35 Years Corporate Senior Management

  • 15 Years Small Business Management Consulting

    • Construction

    • Manufacturing

    • Publishing

    • Trucking & Logistics

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Practical experience trumps the theoretical all day, every day

Led by Luis R. Santos and Gerald E. Morrow, Strategic Management Consulting Group is singularly focused on applying our expertise with our core fractional C-Level management services to impact on our client’s challenges.  As interim or permanent part-time Operational CFOs, COOs or CEOs we impact our client’s challenges with real world proven strategies.

Louie and Gerry each have over 35 years of business ownership, senior executive management, and consulting success. 

We are highly skilled operational and financial management executives.  We bring to bear upon our clients’ needs years of hands-on practical vs theoretical experience gathered in diverse industries:


  • Consumer, Commercial, Aerospace & Military Manufacturing

  • Trucking & Logistics

  • Commercial & Mortgage Banking

  • Construction

  • Real Estate 

  • Brick & Mortar and Online Retail & Wholesale Distribution

  • Software

  • Nonprofit

  • And other diverse services and industries. 

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What to expect:

  • Growth in profit margins

  • Cost containment strategies

  • Increased ROI

  • Cashflow visibility

  • KPI dashboards

  • Timely financial statements and tax planning

  • Effective business integration

  • Improved organizational efficiencies and productivity

How we do it:

  • Customized client specific plans 

  • Do it yourself - Do it with you - Do it for you

  • 360 snapshot assessment

  • Strategic planning

  • Expert plan implementation

  • Hands on management engagement

  • Turnaround strategies and management

  • Robust managerial/cost accounting framework

  • Enterprise software implementation

  • Powerful operational proforma 

  • Modeling for new products, market, or offerings

  • Capital acquisition, borrowing and M&A strategies

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